About us: D&sign Srl

D&sign srl specializes in the design and creation of jewelry and optical stores.

Production of furniture, supplies, installation displays, and showcases for jewelry and optical stores.

We are an Italian company that designs, develops and creates shops, furniture, elements, and spaces for jewelry shops and opticians.

We propose ideas, concepts and projects, implemented for the functional and operational realization of all elements: lighting, furniture, showcases, and displays.

Elements are designed for the everyday use of opticians and jewelers, integrating them with an aesthetic that is designed with the appropriate shades of Made in Italy.

The reappraisal of rooms, whether small or large, becomes a mutually enriching encounter with the customer, to find solutions that can enhance all the exhibited items: jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, and accessories. The aim is to maximize contact points with the buyers and the sales in the designed space.


D&SIGN's work in design is surely its most complex activity and the one most valued by customers. A project includes the study of the context, of spaces, of the brands represented, the functional and operational needs, the realization of sketches, and 3D CAD models.


In order to efficiently coordinate the planning aspects with production, D&sign has integrated its production area into its facility. In this way the production is constantly aligned with customer requests and able to satisfy all the choices involving materials and finishes.


The Management of the Work is one of the key factors for the success of a job.
Our staff oversees the development and manufacturing phases with clear and effective directions, which prevents and addresses all possible issues that mounting at the site might possibly generate.


The pre-assembly of the store is a critical step in our production process. It enables the staff to interact with the designer for an accurate analysis of all the details. Above all, it allows the customer to be presented with a real 1:1 version of the future store.


Our proposal provides an opportunity to study alongside the customer a financial support solution that is integrated with the investments and financial assets that are tied to the project. Our manager provides all the support for a careful analysis and evaluation that can effectively facilitate the sourcing of necessary capital.

About Us

Design and production of jewelry and optical stores. Furniture, supplies, display cases for jewelery and optical.

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