Design and implementation of jewelry and optical stores

D&sign srl specializes in the design and construction of jewelry and optical stores

Production of furniture, supplies, displays and showcases for jewelry and optics.

We are an Italian company that designs, develops and produces stores, furniture, elements and spaces for jewelry stores and optics. We propose ideas, concepts and projects, suitable for a functional and operational realization of all elements: lighting, furniture, showcases and displays. The elements are studied on the everyday life of opticians and jewelers by integrating them with an aesthetic designed in the appropriate tones of made in Italy. The revisiting of spaces, whether small or large, becomes a meeting of mutual enrichment with the client, to identify solutions that can enhance all the objects on display: jewelry, watches, glasses and any accessories. The aim is to maximize the aspects of buyer contact and sales on the designed space.


Fabio Antonuzzi

Worldwide Projects