Design Furniture

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We are an Italian company that designs, develops and produces stores, furniture, elements and spaces for jewelry stores and optics. We propose ideas, concepts and designs, suitable for a functional and operational realization of all elements: lighting, furniture, showcases and displays.


The design of jewelry stores for D&SIGN is definitely the most complex and valued activity by clients. The project involves a study of the context, spaces, brands represented, functional and operational needs, the creation of drafts and three-dimensional CAD simulations.


To be able to efficiently coordinate the design aspects with the production aspects, D&sign has integrated the production area into its structure. In this way, the production of jewelry and optical furniture is constantly aligned with the customer’s requirements and able to meet all choices related to materials and finishes.

Construction Management

Construction Management is one of the key factors in the success of a job. By supervising the implementation stages with clear and effective directions, our team prevents and addresses all possible problems that on-site assembly may generate.


Preassembly of the store is a key stage in our production process. It allows the staff to engage with the designer for a timely verification of all details. Above all it allows, to present the client with a real 1:1 version of the future store.


Our manpower follows and makes furniture and assembly all over the world.

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