Our history begins before the company was even founded

Our goal is to predict market changes so we’re ready when they hit in order to give our clients the most competitive solution.



The call for a simpler life and the socio-cultural influences of the hippie and punk movements led, in the 70s, to a decline in production in the jewelry sector.

The jewelry shop is a simple workshop, featuring reassuring walnut furniture and nonexistent exhibition paths. Everything revolves around the owner’s strategies and marketing skills. The jewel in the collective imagination of the time is not an accessory, but a simple safe haven.



Jewelry stores become a creation and a specialization. The creative and entrepreneurial rise of Fabio Antonuzzi takes flight in the late 80s, thanks to numerous collaborations with small jewelers in the Brescia area. From the very beginning, the designer’s work is innovative and characterized by minimalist lines.

Attention to detail is meticulous and everything is expertly studied in order to enhance the object and increase sales.



The jewel seduces Fabio Antonuzzi. In the 90s the power of images and a more targeted and sophisticated advertising radically changed society and lifestyles. We are in the cult of personality years and Fabio Antonuzzi perceives the importance of developing a precise stylistic identity for jewelry shops. This is how the search for the perfect display space came about, a space that is sophisticated and unique and able to bring the jewel to occupy a leading role at center stage of people’s desires. Fabio Antonuzzi starts, with his brother, a creative journey into the world of jewelers and watchmakers. Over the years, he acquires direct experience related to the specificity of exhibition and technological demands of the environments that are home to jewelry and watches. He listens and interprets the ideas of those who live in these spaces on a daily basis, and he gradually offers a reinterpretation of the design style, contributing to a significant evolution of the emotional logic related to experiencing jewelry.



Based on an understanding between two hard thinking people, Fabio Antonuzzi and Michele Gregori founded D&sign Srl in 2005.

Both are distinguished by strong personalities and are able to integrate their skills, giving life to a concrete style that is extremely creative. Very quickly, they are enthusiastically welcomed for their designs and project proposals by a range of Italian clients who wish to renew their image and radically change the experiencing of jewelry.



Our designs have made their way to Milan through our collaboration with Studio Clerici, imbuing every D&sign project with professionalism, experience and quality. Thanks once again to Clerici, D&sign has been able to expand beyond Italy’s borders.


D&SIGN is online

Best-selling products become part of the collection. A selection of the best pieces by Fabio Antonuzzi are picked up and laid out in an exclusive and high-end catalogue. Display cases, counters, or entire display walls to choose from and modernise your shop.


The Collection

Exclusively presented the new line of Showcases and Finishes designed by Fabio Antonuzzi at Vicenzaoro, Europe’s largest showcase of Italian and international gold and jewelry excellence.

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