Fabio Antonuzzi


D&sign’s Lead Designer has guided his working group for many years in an ongoing search for ideas and solutions that interpret the world of jewelry and optics.

Fabio Antonuzzi’s adventures in design began in 1987 with a small studio involved in the design of stores. In that small laboratory of ideas, he refines the design and research techniques for his photo-realistic drawings, convinced that the client has to clearly understand what will happen in their store.
Through collaborations with experienced colleagues and his subsequent professional development, he felt that some sectors, such as jewelry and optics, were working in old-fashioned ways that were lacking in practicality and atmosphere.
The idea to create a design company specialized in endowing commercial environments with new and welcoming atmospheres came to life.
Thanks to the intense use of three-dimensional models, the hand drawn sketches come to life and become “virtual” environments that can convince even the most skeptical owners, those who are linked to the old style of furnishing jewelry and optical stores. Fabio Antonuzzi early on in his career works as a freelancer, using outside woodworkers.

Today, the company is composed of a highly specialized design office, a computer graphics department, a woodworking shop, a showroom, and a space for testing the final structures before delivery.

Even today Fabio Antonuzzi oversees the design and creative choices. He firmly believes that the personality of the brand should remain recognizable.

Today D&sign Srl is a leading international brand that collaborates with major brands in the jewelry and optician sector.

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